Class Levels ...

Ages 3-4.  No previous training. Emphasis is on creative movement.

Preballet 2      
Ages 4-5.  Basic ballet steps and creative movement.  One year in Preballet required if 4, or age 5 for beginners.

Beginner Ballet
Ages 6-8. Basic ballet technique with little or no prior training.

Ballet 1
Ages 5-7. Basic ballet technique with 2-3 years prior training.

Ballet 2
Ages 6-9.  Beginner-intermediate.3-4 years prior training. Two classes/week recommended.

Ballet 3
Ages 8-12. Intermediate. 4-5 years prior training. Two classes/week required. Three classes/week recommended.

Ballet 4
Ages 9 and up.  Intermediate with 5-6 years prior training. Emphasis on pointe preparation. Three classes/week required.

Ballet 5
Ages 10- up.  Intermediate - Advanced with emphasis on pointe technique. Three classes/week required.  Four classes/week recommended.

Ballet 6
Ages 11-up. Advanced class with emphasis on performance.  Three classes/week required.Four classes/week recommended.

Ballet 7
Ages 12-up.  Pre-professional Class. Four classes/week required for registered students. Five-six classes/week recommended.

Teen Ballet 1
Ages 9-13.  Basic technique with little or no prior training.

Teen Ballet 2
Ages 9 and up. Beg./Int.with 2-3 years prior  training.

Adult Ballet & Jazz (Beg. and Int.)
Age 14 and up.


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